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all ye gold! (ca holiday)



On the one holiday where I can get FREE things, I just so happen to have three pairs of the same sweats that are black and gray. Are we being serious?!" He grumbled quite angrily as he marched back and forth in front of Sector 5’s train station. Phoenix had went to Sector 5 to get some clothes, actually. If he had borrowed some of his roommate’s clothes…he could have got them free! He had planned on applying for a job—and needed some more "official" looking clothes. Groaning to himself, he almost wanted to run himself into a telephone pole. It had happened once, and he was still alive.

But it sounded kind of stupid to actually do that in front of a lot of people. Plus, he didn’t know how much the hospital fee was—let alone wanted to test it. He didn’t have a job, so he’d blow off all his money there.

The ex-attorney sighed as he walked back and forth bumping into a person. “Uh. Sorry. Haha, not exactly paying attention," He cooled down slightly to apologize. The pianist put his hand out to shake—and saw the person had green! "Happy St. Patricks day." He said it, trying not to sound annoyed because the person had green on.

Yoooo, free food and drinks in Sector 005 for anyone wearing green? Wocky barely had any idea what St. Patrick’s Day was, but if it got him free things for wearing an ugly green shirt, he was all over it. As soon as the announcement had been made on the news, Wocky had gone out and bought himself a damn green t-shirt, proudly donning it the next day underneath his signature jacket. Shit clashed, but hey, free stuff. 

He hopped off the train going to Sector 005 once it had arrived, a goofy grin on his face. As much as he loved being back home, he had to admit that he loved being back in Hive City even more. Of course, it was bittersweet - he had yet to find any of his old friends from the previous times he’d been here, and he had yet to find the most important of them, but something just told him everything would be okay.

As he walked off, he started to look around himself, seeing what the sector had to offer. Since he wasn’t paying attention, he managed to ram right into someone - someone familiar!

Yoooo, Phoenix Wright! I ain’t seen ya in forever, G!

Wocky’s expression broke into a grin as he took the ex-attorney’s hand in his and gave it a tight squeeze, before pulling him in for a half-hug, because that’s how thugs did it. 

Can’t believe they brought y’all to th’city now man, I bet y’all probably hate it.



      ❝U-um… Excuse me…?❞


      ❝….H-hello— I mean, please don’t…❞



JESUS well that had been loud. Wocky had just gotten back to the city and already people were yelling at him. At least that was still familiar. He turned to the yelling…lady? Man? Shit, he wasn’t even sure, and frowned.

Yo man, what up with th’yellin’? Y’all need t’pipe down.

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protect wocky kitaki at all costs

seriously get him a body guard or something

Greatax [Open]


The mood of the conversation had changed so quickly; from anger, to forgiveness, and now the more upbeat feeling Labrys was used to. She was still worried about the young man’s health, but he assured her it was no problem, multiple times even. “Well… if yer sure,” she said, drawing her hands away. There was a slight reluctance to her movements, as she wanted to make sure she did all she could for the person she’d hurt.

She didn’t even want to know what he’d been through if he considered a bruise like that to be ‘nothing.’ Even when he fixed his hair to cover up the still-forming wound, she could still see it poking out from the edges of his hairdo. Man, that was a big bruise.

Well, he’d find out about that the next time he saw a mirror.


"Yeah, yeah, no problem at all," she said, trying to avoid staring at his bruise. Quick, change subjects. “Um, so, anyways! I’m Labrys, it’s nice ta meetcha, aside from tha whole droppin’ stuff on yer head."

She glanced back at the boy, only to find her eyes were immediately drawn to the bruise she’d inflicted on him. Her fingers drummed along the side of her ax as she bit her lip, wondering if there was a tactful way to bring up his minor… deformity. “Uh, are ya sure ya don’t need anythin’? I mean, I dropped it on ya from pretty high up, mebbe ya need a bandage or an ice pack or somethin’?”

She seemed so uncertain that he was fine still…what was he going to have to do, walk on his hands or something? He really was okay! Alright so the spinning hadn’t stopped and his head felt like a jackhammer was going off inside of it, but whatever! What damage was a little bruise? Okay, so it was rather large. Wocky could feel that. But really, it was no problem!

After all, he’d been beaten up multiple times, shot, hell the boy had his heart ripped out by a demon (oh fun times). Really, the city had been absolute hell to him and yet here he was, alive and better than ever. 

Look if y’all wanna know t’be sure that this ain’t no thing, I’ll tell ya all th’shit that’s happened to me here. But I warn ya, shawty, it ain’t pretty.

He laughed a bit, as though the horrors of his past were nothing but a joke, and readjusted his hair once more.

Labrys huh? Ain’t eva heard a name like dat one before, but name’s Wocky! Wocky Kitaki! Guess I ain’t one t’be talkin about names huh?

Another chuckle as he adjusted his jacket and tried to take a couple of steps forward. Wouldn’t it be nicer if they took this conversation somewhere a little more comfortable? But he nearly lost his balance, and had to lean on the wall for support, looking back up at Labrys.

Aight, y’know what, maybe some ice wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Greatax [Open]


It was unpleasant, to say the least. That sudden surge of memories from her dead sisters, Labrys hadn’t been able to stop it, it had just come to her all at once in response to what the man had said.

And the worst part was, she knew everything she said was a lie. What an awful way to meet someone new.

But she was better than this, wasn’t she? She was stronger than this, these were just unpleasant memories that happened to surface at a bad time. And she certainly couldn’t let this stranger start worrying abouther, especially after she’d just dropped an ax on their head.


“What? No, you shouldn’t be apologizin’ ta me, I’m supposed ta be apologizin’ ta you! You didn’t do anythin’ ta me!” she said, picking her head back up. “I-I mean, ya ain’t hurt, are ya? Do ya gotta go ta tha hospital or anythin’?” She took a few steps forward, trying to find the spot where she’d hit him with the ax. Maybe he was bleeding or something…

Labrys couldn’t let that little episode affect her. Better to push it out of her mind for now and focus on the real world.


“Well, if ya ain’t mad, that’s good. But I’m fine, yer the one who got somethin’ dropped on their head. Here, just… lemme see.” She reached out towards his head with metal digits, hoping to find his injury so she could better resolve this whole mess.

Wocky had been through much worse things in his time in Hive City. Really, he hardly new why he had let a simple thing like a wooden axe falling on his head even bother him. Now he just felt bad for bringing so much despair and worry to an innocent girl. He groaned, dragging a hand down his face before moving both hands up to readjust his do.

Look, don’t worry about it, aight?He gave her his best grin, before tapping his chest where his heart was lightly. Trust me, shawty, if y’all knew the shit I’ve been through already, y’all would know this ain’t nothin’.

His head was pounding, but at least it wasn’t bleeding. He felt around on his head for the spot the axe had hit him, and once he found it, he winced. He was surprised that the axe hadn’t managed to split his skull, but it seemed as though the wood it was made of wasn’t too heavy. As she reached out to touch him, he simply shook his head and turned around, adjusting his curl to cover up the forming bruise before turning back to look at her.

See? There ain’t no problem!

Sure, everything around him was still kind of spinning, but there was no way in hell he wanted to get taken to a hospital or something. After what happened to him with Dr. Meraktis, he wanted nothing to do with doctors and hospitals and the like. He’d rather suffer.

Greatax [Open]


The young man below just dropped when the ax hit him, spread-eagle down on the concrete. Labrys stifled a gasp, wondering if she’d accidentally killed him. She knelt down next to him, relieved to see his chest rise and fall before repeating her earlier question. “Are ya alright? C’mon, say somethin’!”

But when he did speak, she probably would’ve been more happy if he weren’t yelling at her. “N-no, I wasn’t tryin’ ta do that… I would neva! I’m sorry, I rilly didn’t mean ta!” Her voice quivered as she spoke, embarrassed and scared of having such accusations hurled at her. She might fight in self-defense, but she would never kill anyone if she could help it, and certainly not a person she didn’t know.


She got to her feet, taking a few steps back and keeping her head down. “I really… I really didn’t mean ta. I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’d neva… I’d neva kill anyone!”

Metal digits clutched at the side of her head, pulling on the metal band that ran across her hair. Labrys gritted her teeth as memories began to surface in her head, fragments given to her by the plumes of dusk she’d received after her countless victories in the facility where she was created. They weren’t her memories, they were more or less her prizes, the proof of her combat skills. Observation of flowers that grew outside the facilities, the songs of a handful of crickets, the splashing of a creek, and more, all memories of her sisters. Given the chance, she would’ve given them all back.

Labrys didn’t even realize she was on the ground. Head still downcast, she grabbed around for the wooden ax, and somehow managed to find it. With that, she finally rose to her feet, shakily, and clutching the ax in both hands.


“‘M sorry,” she mumbled. “Real sorry. I’ll make it up ta ya anyway I can.” She finally picked her head up to look the young man in the eyes, and her expression was pleading. “Just don’t tell anyone. Please?”

Wocky Kitaki was a fairly durable man. With all the stupid shit he got himself into, he really had to be. By now, he figured if he had survived a bullet being lodged in his heart, he could survive anything. Still, he could go without almost dying every other day. It was just kind of frustrating, y’know? But he always got himself into these messes, so it wasn’t all that surprising by now.

He wasn’t even exactly angry at the girl for dropping her weapon on him. From the way she was reacting, he could tell that she hadn’t done it on purpose. He had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he realized this even further as he heard the quiver in her voice, as he watched the small breakdown she went through.

Aw shit, Wocky, look at what you did now. He’d completely ruined a poor girl’s day, all because he couldn’t keep his temper down. Eyes widened slightly as he watched the girl take a couple of steps back, calling out that she would never kill anyone. Eventually, she stood back up, grabbing the axe from the floor and finally looking back at him. The look she gave him however, was so apologetic that it made Wocky feel absolutely terrrible. He couldn’t look at her back.

He sighed as he sat up on the pavement, rubbing his head as he moved to stand up. Once he was back on his feet and everything stopped spinning, he could finally reply to her.

“Look, don’t worry ‘bout. It was an accident, shit happens, y’know? I shouldn’tve yelled at ya, shawty. I’m real sorry for it but shit, don’t look at me like that…!

He hissed as he turned away from her, a hand moving to scratch the back of his head.

“Y’all makin’ me feel like I’m th’one who dropped an axe on yer heart or somethin’…really, it’s aight, I ain’t mad.

Intelligence Report #1


Makoto pinched at the bridge of her nose, feeling a mounting headache begin to pound in her skull. She squeezed her eyes shut, hoping Wocky would shut his mouth and just leave her alone. She didn’t need this, the last thing she needed right now was some punk- or anyone, for that fact- throwing this kind of thing in her face. It was just a matter of bad timing, but it still stressed her.

Of course Wocky couldn’t leave what she’d said alone. She really wished he would’ve, but she couldn’t really blame him for speaking up, either.

She continued to rub at her nose as he spoke, gritting her teeth to try and get through her headache. The more he talked, the more it seemed to hurt, and the more she wanted to punch him again to make him shut up. And she might have done it too, until he apologized.


“Goddamn it,” she muttered, still pinching her nose. “Shit, yeah, you’re right. You’re totally right, I really shouldn’t- shit. I should know better.” Makoto, of all people, really should’ve known better. Hadn’t she been through the exact same thing herself? People making assumptions without really getting to know her, saying hurtful things until she had no choice but to lash out just to protect herself.

“You’re right,” she said, still not looking up at Wocky. “You’re totally right. I’m sorry. I know I literally just said I wouldn’t apologize, but… Goddamn it.”

Makoto’s hands moved up to cover her face as she turned away from Wocky, wandering over to a nearby wall. The headache was killing her now, it felt like everything stressful had come crashing down all at once, ready to suffocate the life out of her and reduce her to a blubbering mess. And at this point, it was hard not to just break down.

“Goddamn it,” she muttered again. “Shit, I’m pathetic. What am I even doing? I’m arguing with some kid about those stupid reports, and meanwhile, Noel and Tsubaki… Dammit, dammit…” She clenched her fist, feeling her arm begin to tremble with the stress as her tail curled and her ears flattened. Worthless, that’s what she was. Wasting time with stupid things like this when there were actual things to be done, important things. “God… God-fucking-dammit!”


Makoto threw a punch at the wall, and then there was no longer a wall. She shook her fist as the smoke cleared and the dust settled, noticing a large cut on her knuckles. Despite that, it still felt satisfying to blow off a little steam like that, even if she’d just put a hole in a large section of wall. With a sigh, she sank to her feet, resting against the wall as she hung her head between her knees.

“It’s fine, Wocky. Don’t mention it.” She finally looked up at him with tired eyes, not wanting to continue the stupid feud any longer. “Seriously, don’t… Don’t tell anyone about this, alright?”

He honestly didn’t understand what he’d ever done to make some people in this city hate him so much. It wasn’t like he went out of his way to ruin people’s lives or something, and he didn’t go around killing and hurting people, so what gives? Of course, Wocky wasn’t aware that it was his attitude and general manner of being that pissed people off. And even if he was aware of it, it wasn’t like he would change.

Wocky gritted his teeth as well, frustrated at this entire situation. He’d had enough of people assuming everything about him just because of the way he chose to dress or act, and he wasn’t about ot let it happen again. It surprised him when Makoto suddenly said he was right, enough to make his eyes widen and his jaw fall slack. She was actually agreeing with him?

He continued to watch her, silent as she turned away from him and walked over to a wall. He didn’t know Makoto very well, but he knew her well enough to know that this sort of behavior wasn’t typical for her. She was so happy go lucky, so silly all the time that to suddenly see her this serious, this upset…it was just incredibly unsettling. He was almost worried. No, he was worried. But Makoto would probably sock him again if he tried to show that.

She continued to mutter to herself, and Wocky continued to stare, unsure if he should just take this opportunity to leave or stick around to make sure she didn’t hurt herself or something. What did he care, anyhow? All she ever did was insult him, so he had no reason to care. But Wocky wasn’t a heartless guy, and he couldn’t bring himself to just ignore her and leave.

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden yell, snapping back to reality when Makoto punched a wall, completely obliterating it. His eyes widened as he looked at Makoto, where the wall had been, and then back to Makoto. Then, she sunk to the ground, and Wocky remained in his place, frozen. The look she gave him then just confused him. What the hell had just happened here?

Cautious steps moved him forward, towards her until he stood at her side. He didn’t kneel down by her, but instead looked down. He opened his mouth to speak, but couldn’t quite find the words. Then, he did kneel down by her, and just said whatever came to mind.

“I…uh…I ain’t got no one t’tell about this anyhow. I don’t make those intel reports like you do. A small chuckle in hopes of lightening the atmosphere, but nothing.

“You…you ain’t okay ain’tcha? I know we ain’t ever been the closest but…somethin’ goin on?